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Tele Health

What is Tele Health?

A free 20 minute Tele Health call can change your life. 

Without leaving the comfort of your home or your desk at work you will begin the journey to wellness. 

Dr. Snyder or a clinical team member will be happy to discuss your sleep apnea or TMJ pain issues, explore your insurance benefits, and make sure you are a candidate for treatment. 

You don't need to find a sitter, travel to see us, or take a day off of work. Through Tele Health you will get to know first hand the commitment we have to our patients. 

Carpe Diem, schedule your appointment below!

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Are you coping with chronic pain due to anxiety about dental treatment?

We have options for relief and you don’t need to suffer needlessly.


Begin your journey to the pain-free lifestyle you deserve - connect with us today!

Meet Dr. Snyder.

" My Patients are my family"! Watch this video to learn more about  Dr. Beth Snyder.

More testimonials.

"Are you comfortable with your dentist?

Everything is more comfortable with Dr. Snyder".

Jeff - Cosmetic restoration patient

Who likes going to the dentist? You will now"!

Victoria  - Cosmetic patient

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