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Sleep Better Doylestown

 leave the REST to us 

Sleep is Important

How well are you sleeping?

Imagine waking up in the morning refreshed after a great night's sleep.

No headache, no jaw pain, no irritability - just energized, focused, and ready to start the day. 

Not sleeping well endangers your health, including heart health, memory function, and depression.

If you regularly snore, experience insomnia, or gasp for air during your sleep,

you may have Sleep Apnea, or even a severe snoring disorder. 

Since there are serious risks associated with chronic sleep disorders,

testing and sleep appliances are recommended.

Good health begins with getting a great night's rest.

This kind of health saving investment is life changing.

Meet Beth Snyder - DMD


Dr. Snyder suffered from TMJ pain and snoring for years and has come full circle in her quest to understand TMJ and sleep disorders, striving to provide patients with the best solutions dentistry has to offer. 


Thomas Jefferson University School of Dental Hygiene

Temple University School of Dental Medicine


  • D-AADSM   - Diplomat of American Academy of Sleep Dental Medicine

  • LVIF - Fellow of Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Medicine

  • FICCMO - Fellow of International College of Cranial Mandibular Orthopedics

  • FAGD - Fellow of Academy of General Dentistry


How Can We Help You

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We offer an online consultation, or you may give us a call to set up an office visit.

If you are experiencing TMJ or Sleeping Disorder symptoms you will learn more by exploring the links below. 

Do you have multiple symptoms and are unsure where to begin, then please make a Tele Health appointment!

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Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.44.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 4.45.11 PM.png

We are now in network with most Medical insurance carriers for Oral Appliance Therapy. Call today to inquire.

Do you have a TMJ disorder?

TMJ Disorder

Let's find out if you may have TMJ, and begin with the TMJ - Quiz below.

Your answers could place you in the intermediate risk or high risk category, if so please call our office.

In the office  we will take a CBCT scan (a low dose CAT scan)  to evaluate your anatomy during your exam. Then we will discuss your results and explore treatment options together.

Pretty simple, just a few steps to a healthier life!


Patient testimonials.

Beth - Sleep Apnea Patient

"I spent most of my life exausted...Sleep apnea if it goes untreated it could kill you, so it's a big deal."

Brooke - TMJ Patient

"It was just a huge emotional release - I finally found somebody who was going to be able to help me."

Do you have a sleep disorder?

The Goal: Sleep Comfortably


Sleep Apnea

By fitting sleep disorder patients with a customized oral appliance, the jaw and related tissues are supported in a gentle forward position.

These appliances are extremely effective in eliminating snoring, ensuring easy breathing, and allowing the wearer to sleep comfortably.

There are a variety of devices to choose from Oasys, Whole You Respire, and we are now premier partners for Prosomnus.

Call For A 
Consultation Today!
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